A Literary Voyage Through Time

Submission Guidelines

❤️ ਗੁਰਮੁਖੀ, شاہ مُکھی, हिन्दी or Roman

Thank you for considering submitting your favorite Punjabi poetry or prose to our literary project. As a solo moderator, I do not have the bandwidth to check or correct for errors. Please follow the guidelines below to ensure a smooth and efficient submission process:

1. Submission Details:

  • Author: Provide the name of the author along with a 200 word short bio. See Authors page for an author profile example.
  • Original Publish Date: Include the original publication date, and if unknown, please provide an estimated date.
  • Excerpt: Include a brief excerpt of the poetry or prose that you would like to submit.
  • Article: Attach the full text of the poetry or prose in Unicode font.
  • Tags: Include relevant tags that describe the theme, genre, or any significant elements of the submission. See Topics page for examples.

2. Formatting:

  • Ensure that your submission is error-free and presented in Unicode font for proper display on this platform.

3. Non-Profit Nature:

  • Please be aware that our project operates on a non-profit basis and is driven by a passion for Punjabi literature. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide financial compensation for any submissions.

4. Content Policy:

  • We value diversity, respect, and a positive literary environment. Any submission promoting hatred, violence, adult content, or derogatory content will not be published.

Additional Content Eligibility Criteria:

  • Content Focus: We only accept submissions related to Punjabi literature. Please ensure that your submission aligns with the rich literary traditions of Punjabi culture.
  • Author's Origin: Submissions are accepted only from authors within the Punjabi diaspora or the greater Punjab region. This includes works from authors of Punjabi descent residing around the world.
  • Accepted Scripts: We welcome content in various scripts, including Gurmukhi, Shahmukhi, Hindi, or Roman. Please make sure your submission is presented in one of these accepted scripts in Unicode font.

Thank you for your understanding and adherence to these additional eligibility criteria. I look forward to exploring the diverse and vibrant world of Punjabi literature through your submissions.

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